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The story of how Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Steve Jobs (Apple), and JK Rowling (Harry Potter) built their companies and became successful billion-dollar empires ( by venture capital expert and startup investor Ross Blankenship ( Learn everything you need to know about startup investing, how to generate cash flow, build products, and create a successful company as an Entrepreneur, founder, or investor. Here are some key topics discussed:

The Product Hunt: which Products Become Empires?
3 Must Read Books to Understand | Investable vs Non-Investable
Learn the Basics about the Product
Blankenship's Startup Valuation | Applied to Product
Do You Enjoy Using the Product and Get Excited About Its Potential
Top 5 Reasons for Startup Product Failures
Discover Your Next Investment By Using the Product
20 Years From Now, Will the Product Exist?
Are People Crazy Addicted to the Product?
Is This a Habit-Forming Product?
Is there Verified Demand For the Product?
How to Build an MVP to Prove Demand
Startup MRR and Month-to-Month Growth
Cautionary Tale of the Startup Growth Charts
Is the TAM Big Enough to Care As An Investor?
Are People Sharing Your Product?
Is There Significant Repeat Business to the Product?
How Does Apple Score on the Blankenship Valuation Method
How Does Facebook Score on the Blankenship Valuation Method
Hindsight is Always 20/20 | Facebook Score Continued
How Does Virgin Score on the Blankenship Valuation Method?
Virgin Media Score
The JK Rowling and Harry Potter Empire
How Harry Potter Became a 20 Billion Dollar Empire
What's the Bottom Line For a Product Before You Invest
Metrics Matter | Use the Blankenship Valuation Method

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