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Startup Financials - Term Sheet, Valuations, Economics of Investing -

Startup Financials Reviewed - the Term Sheet, Startup Valuations, Pre vs. Post-Money, SAFE Agreements, Equity Agreements, financial statements, cash flow, and how to calculate a valuation when raising capital (, learn from expert investor Ross Blankenship (, who will teach you everything you need to know on these following topics too:

Raising and Investing Capital in Startups
How To Divide Equity Among Founders
How To Calculate Startup Valuation
The Term Sheet Analyzed
Pre-Money vs. Post-Money Valuation
What is a SAFE Agreement?
Shareholder and Subscription Agreement
How To Raise A Seed Round
Pre-Money vs. Post-Money Valuation

Understand financial statements, Profit/Loss, Balance Sheets, Profitability, and Cash Flow.

Get inside access to the term sheets of the billion-dollar unicorn startups.

Calculate startup valuations and ways you can get better deals. Here are even more topics discussed by leading expert on startups and investing Ross Blankenship:

The Startup Financials: Economics vs. Control
What Are the Concepts that Matter Most to Founders?
Most Important Concerns Before Investing or Raising Money
FAQ's About Fundraising
FAQ's About Investing
Must Know Rules for Investors
3 Ways to Structure Your Startup Company Before Raising Capital
How To Divide Equity (Stock) Among Founders
How to Calculate Startup Valuation
Is Your Valuation Reasonable | 3 Ways to Find Out if You're On Target
5 Ways Startup Investors and Founders Get Rich
Who's in Control of Your Startup?
The Articles of Incorporation: What Investors and Founders Need to Know About
The Corporate Bylaws: What Investors and Founders Need To Know About
The Term Sheet: What Investors and Startups Need To Know about
5 Rules to Get the Best Deal for Investors and Founders
The Term Sheet Template
Pre-Money vs Post-Money Valuation: What's the Difference?
Common Stock vs. Preferred Stock
Conversion Rights on the Term Sheet
Convertible Note: 3 Things You Need to Know about the Note & Startups
How a Convertible Note Actually Converts Part 2
How a Convertible Note Actually Converts Part 3
What is a "SAFE"? Part 1
What is a "SAFE"? Part 2
Shareholder and Subscription Agreements
Term Sheet v. Subscription Purchase Agreement
How to Read a Cash Flow Statement
How to Calculate EBITDA
Dividends on the Term Sheet
Liquidation Preference on the Term Sheet
Protective Provisions
Pro Rata Rights
Drag Along Rights
Pay-to-Play Provisions
Employee Options Pool & Vesting
How To Raise a Seed Round
How To Raise a Series A Round
Who's The Best Startup Incubator?
Y Combinator vs. 500 Startups vs. Techstars

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