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Startups - 20 Best Tools, Tips & Resources - Must See -

Tools, Tips and Resources for startups, new companies, and entrepreneurs/founders, to increase revenue, build a company ( and become profitable from the expert on startups and investing Ross Blankenship ( Learn about important topics to grow your business and increase your cash flow/revenue with a review of concepts such as:

I. People:
Best Ways to Hire Better People
How to Read a Resume
Learn How to Code
Must-Know Coding Languages

II. Process:
5 Guaranteed Tips to Sell Your Product
How to Get Hot Sales Leads that Convert
Top 5 A/B Testing Software Tools
III. Product:
Best Websites to Find Out
What People Want to Buy

IV. Traction:
Top 5 Growth Hacking Strategies
Top 5 SEO Software Resources
Top 3 Social Media Automation Tools
"Good to Great" - Inside Lessons
Zero to One - Stop Building Clones

V. Financials:
What's a "Unicorn" and Who Are They?
How VC Funds & Private Equity Work
How to Manage Your Money
How to Read a Balance Sheet
How to Read a Profit & Loss Statement

Learn from the expert on startups -

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